PASSA ‘S – Beard Oil


Together with Thanasis Pasas,the most famous bearded guy of the Greek show biz, we created a product for all Gentlemen who are looking for something different!  A thin and non – greasy oil, rich in vegan oils, such as carrot oil, jojoba and almond oil. Scented with notes of Sandalwood and Anise,”Passa‘s BeardOil” in colaboration with COSMOGENT is here for you!


Passa ‘s Beard Oil:
Fluid and non-greasy oil, rich in vegetable oils of carrot oil, jojoba and almond oil, which will give you a hydrated and shiny beard!

✷ Carrot Oil has antioxidant and emollient properties. It rejuvenates and renews the appearance of the skin, as it contributes to the nourishment and tightening of the skin.
Almond oil has moisturizing and emollient properties and helps to repair the skin barrier.
JOJOBA oil offers hydration and velvety skin, enhancing elasticity, and then helps to repair the hair.

The notes of anise and wood give a uniquely special aroma, for every moment of the day.





Recently I had a desire to search for my family history.
I learned that my roots are based in the depths of Siberia in the city of Novosibirsk. When I visited my ancestral lands I realized the gold of sandalwood and anise, I immediately decided that I have to make a healing oil for the hair of the Greek man !!!! As another magician with gifts, I offer you the orange gold of Passa. ”

Thanasis Passas.

Additional information

Weight0,085 kg
Dimensions3,5 × 3,5 × 10 cm


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